Tre G SRL was born out of Rolando Gironi’s many years of experience in the classification and sorting of regenerated materials. Subsequently transferred to his children, this experience has led to the modernisation of the way in which the work is performed according to new market requirements and customer demands.


We carefully select the materials we use in order to achieve the perfect finished product.
The result is ever more avant-garde fashion fabrics and raw materials for the production of yarns carded with the regenerated material.


We deal with the processing of textile yarns for many applications: knitwear, clothing, upholstery, furnishing and much more.

Over the years, we have invested in technological advances and the automation of the critical phases of the production process through flexible and integrated design systems.


Thanks to a well-stocked warehouse and a wide range of products, Tre G textile yarn trade is constantly expanding and experiencing growing customer confidence. We have also been the exclusive producers of GMG yarns for a few years now, a brand which produces the classic tri-blend yarn via the open-end spinning technique.